Angeline Bandong is a 24 year-old illustrator based in Montreal, Quebec. They studied Arts, Literature and Communications at Vanier College, where they soon discovered the field of Illustration, and later studied Illustration at Dawson College.
Bandong is a freelancer, specialized in various styles of drawing and painting with digital, and traditional mediums. Very goal oriented, they strive to follow their life’s passions and has since, made art an important part of their life. Bandong enjoys painting environments, people, and portraits. Their inspirations derive from Romanticism and Impressionism. Bandong deeply values their greatest inspirations so much, they’ve had some tattooed as a reminder to themselves the reason they create their work today.
Bandong’s work consists of dramatic and imaginative scenes with the use of design and texture. Character designs are inspired by many indigenous cultures and religions, such as Buddhism. Their painting style consists of messy brush strokes, and rich contrasting colours. Much of the work Bandong creates is inspired by music, whereby their imagination unfolds into a world of adventure and freedom.